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While I didn't technically fail on this project last month, this is THE only photo I have of the three of us. A bad quality iPhone snap while we were waiting for the circus doors to open. But, it was a good day and the smiles were all around.

So, here's to that!



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Around here, April is for celebrating. And we've done a lot of it!

For the rest of the month though, am looking forward to...

Bare feet in green grass and soft sand.
Painted toes and sandals.
Coloring Easter eggs!
Spring break.
A trip home.
Welcoming my brother's teeny-tiny baby boy very soon!
Spring cleaning.
Fresh flowers.
Spending our Saturday mornings on the soccer field.
And, hopefully making more spots in our home feel more like our home.

It's going to be a good month, I can feel it.



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Bath time is a favorite. I'm finding with warmer weather and soccer practice twice a week, bath time is almost much needed around here lately. Dirty knees are the newest little happening!

I'm doing this series - a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014. Follow along, link up & find more from this project here.



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This week we celebrated our favorite guy with his favorite dinner and my sisters famous strawberry cake. 

This week my little lady helped me with laundry. We made progress, even though you can't tell anymore!

This week I became an official soccer mom. Every Monday and Saturday from now until June will  be filled with practice and games and a girl who's learning to love the sport. 

This week my Warby Parker trial frames. But I'm still on the fence about which ones to choose. I'm thinking a second home trial is needed...

And today, we're off to soccer practice and a much needed trip to the grocery store. Happy Saturday, xo.



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We celebrated our handsome guy's birthday over the weekend! We got lucky with a warm, sunny day so we headed across the bridge to the Island for some mini golf and an afternoon at the beach.

I underestimated the weather (again!) and should have just brought Lia a swimsuit but that didn't stop her from running around in the waves. We stopped at this sandwich shop. The bread...oh! Homemade and amazing! I'm pretty sure we stopped to eat there simply because of how good it smelled.

We rounded out the day with some Rita's, fresh tulips and pizza for dinner. Kind of the best way to celebrate a birthday, I think!



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You know, sometimes I find no words to talk about our week. It was our week and mundane things went on as they tend to do and we found happy moments and we had bad ones and it was life. Like, I spent most of last week not talking to my husband. He hurt my feelings, I hurt his. And sometimes, it just seems that brooding silently and taking your space is the best way to let the argument just settle. No one was going to win and saying "I'm sorry" and letting our defenses down after a few days was the best case scenario here.

I also found all of my old CD's, from when CD's were an actual thing and I spent all of my grocery store cashier paychecks on them as a teenager, and popped in a happy-sounding one to get me through some Spring cleaning.

As for the Spring cleaning, well, it's going to be Summer before I finish that task. But, I did toss out a couple bags of trash after two rooms. The more clutter I move out of the house, the more mind space I clear up. And then I fill the empty space up with mind-swirling check-off tasks of all the cleaning I've yet to do.

But then I added a new latte bowl to my very small stack. A mustard yellow mini colander found its way home. Shiny new rugs from Ikea cozy up the house. I spent sunny afternoons at the park and catching up with my girl and her tricycle. We did puzzles and played with friends. I cooked a few good meals. And just like that, I found words and life seemed full circle again and another week started. 



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Mondays are always better when it's someone's birthday! And starting the week with a celebration and a little babe's first soccer practice is doing it right. We're keeping it simple tonight with a strawberry cake and one of his favorite meals. Then heading to the local soccer complex to see our little nugget in her shin-guards and too big socks on the field tonight. 

So, Happy Birthday husband! You drive me nuts when you throw bouncy balls down the stairs and it's near impossible to surprise you. We still love you so, though!