Sunday, May 3, 2015


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Funny story about this week... Nico went crazy. His usual happiness was traded in for blood curdling screams and his easy bedtime routine now takes 20-30 minutes and involves playing Hey Jude over and over while he clutches our hand or a stuffed taxi cab. I mean, kid. I really wanted another one of you but this week has made me rethink that once or twice.

But, we went to the pool for a couple hours and he was amazing. And I was all like, I could have ten of you. Or maybe just one more, you know.

Other highlights of this week were...

Take-out BBQ at the Farmer's Market.
Watching my two babes hang out together.
A hammock big enough for two.
Squishy green grass and cool breezes.
Finishing the bathroom project.
Coloring with my girl.
And a sweet husband who goes on Dr. Pepper runs.

I'm tired. So, here's to next week!

Thursday, April 30, 2015


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There's so many smart and funny and good things on the Internet. Here's just a few!

I fell in love with this edition of the Living With Kids series on Design Mom.

This post made me want to honestly put the idea of a wardrobe capsule to life.

Our small town has plenty of charm but lacks some major culture so I'll file these tips to enjoy museums with kids for later!

The prettiest weeds.

This cinco de mayo cake looks amazing.

A great Mickey tee for our Disney trip.

The perfect shirt for Nicolas.

A Full House spin-off?

Girl power!

An interview with Patrick Demspey.

I'm excited for this book to come in the mail.

And that wraps up April, xo!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


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Reading... The Good Father.

Counting down... the days until our trip to Disney!
Finding joy... in the cooler weather we're having lately.
Watching... reruns of Gilmore Girls.

Eating... all the fresh strawberries.

Excited for... the new hammock that came in the mail today!

Working on... a cleaning schedule. It sounds boring but I need to manage time better in that area...
Listening to... this. And that video makes it 1,000 times better.

Deciding... on new glasses. This pair is top on my list.

Pretending to be... a character from one of L's favorite TV shows. The imagination this girl has on her.

Planning... a costume for L to take part in a local favorite book character parade!

Please feel free to link up any of your "currently" posts in the comments, xo!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


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Lia: helping dad do the yard work really means catching a ride around the yard!

Nicolas: this little guy is busy losing his hair. why?? :(
I'm doing this series - a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015. Follow along, link up & find more from this project here.

Monday, April 27, 2015


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We've settled into a new Monday routine. We get up and stretch and eat a little breakfast before we head downtown for story time and an afternoon at the park. And after we've had fun and L has ran off some energy, we always visit the little free library to see what books are in this week then we head home for lunch and naps.

Mondays are long around here and getting out helps us start the day off in a good way. And this Monday has been no different.

There was a little more emotion today over a canceled play date and not having time to play with someone's toy dump truck at the park. The little free library was stocked full of children books so we came home with two and made plans to add some next week. No one else showed up for story time so L got the beloved Ms. Wendy all to herself. It was seriously 40 minutes of L being in book store heaven! And the kids came home from Target with the coolest shark pillow while I went a little crazy picking the right sunscreen...

Now dinner is in the crock pot, L is already crying over not wanting to eat it, I'm forcing my eyes to stay open while N naps and I think about crossing something off the to-do list.

Again, I'm repeating...this is our season...

Friday, April 24, 2015


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Our sweet girl is back and she's been busy running around the house and taking care of her teeny tiny plants. Those grass kits grow amazingly well for this black-thumb household!

This week was a little rough getting back in the swing of things after a week off from everything. Nico has been practicing his screaming this week which is really unusual for him and I don't know if his drool is a sign of teething or if he just needed a little extra love and food this week.

I stocked up on some children's books at the library last week so we'd have a new stockpile for bedtime this week. Lia has fallen in love with this one and this one. It's the whole interactive thing that pulls her in. I've been reading stacks of books too. This one had so many good things in it, it's like my brain couldn't take it all in at once so I ordered a copy to dig into in smaller chunks.

And somehow, April is almost over. I feel like we're on the verge of things changing. Lia graduates from pre-k in a month. M is working towards his bachelor degree and he's a few weeks from this semester ending. Then we have a summer chock full of things to do and places to go.

I think I'll enjoy the slower pace days while I have them. Here's to the weekend! M is off on today so we have a family lunch planned and then I get to sneak away for book club which is always more mama talk than book talk but it lets me go home feeling lighter with a little more sanity!

Enjoy yours!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


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 Three months...

Has me obsessed with babywearing.
Is a wiggle worm and likes to scoot backwards when he's on his back.
Million dollar smile, guys.
Holding things tight is his comfort jam. Security blankets, a toy, a chunk of mama's hair...
And the way he holds my chest balled up in his fist when we snuggle. I'm a puddle.
Has a bad habit of scratching up his face many nights.
Says good morning with that grin of his.
Wears 0-3 clothing and size 1 diapers, still.
Weighs between 10 and 11 lbs!
Is laughing these days.
Especially when getting dressed.
Obsessed with his daddy.
Always sucking on his fingers.
Babbles. Alot.
Was sleeping through the night for awhile. And then he wasn't.
But the swaddling is still going strong.
Not a fan of tummy time anymore. But likes hanging out under his play gym.
Is squishy and happy and smells like milk.

He's pretty much the best.