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Making it through this week feels like a victory around here. Parenting was hard and ugly. And happy, beautiful moments did exist and I am clinging to them with everything I have, overall it was just a hard week.

Aside from meltdowns and tantrums everyday and ruining my two favorite (and almost only) maternity shirts in the wash and sinking to an all-time parenting low, this week was good for some things.

Late last night, okay... 8 PM is now "late" to me, M got home from school and handed me a heavy box the postman had just dropped off that was full of apples and cider donuts from our favorite orchard in New York. You guys, I almost cried. It was the sweetest gesture after the day I had. Also, it thrills me to see that logo sitting in our kitchen.

Little man has a few more clothes to his name, but it's funny to me that his stack is nowhere near what L's was when I was pregnant with her. This time around, I've taken a different approach to "baby stuff" and I find myself critiquing almost every purchase. I tell myself he'll have what he needs when he gets here, I'm just choosing only what I really want to bring into our home for him.

On that note, his room actually looks like a room now. We've had a little setback with the rocking chair but the other furniture is up and it's almost time for me to go in and pull it all together.

Lia has been a tiny artist this week. She'll draw a picture, find the scotch tape and hang it on a wall somewhere!

And, we're getting ready for Halloween! I finished L's costume this week and I'm planning on making a couple pennants for M and I to carry around as fans of her. I thought Halloween was much further away than next weekend though!

So, here's to a fun weekend full of pumpkin patches and early trick-or-treating!



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Watching... How To Get Away With Murder. I'm loving how different the show is.

Pinning... this to make for N, a little Halloween party prep and black & white stripes, because just yes.

Creating... a modern and fun room for our little guy. We finally painted the room and I can't wait to add in the details!

Making... a Halloween costume for my girl. She wants to be a cheerleader this year!

Looking forward to... my girl coming home tonight!

Feeling... excited (instead of stressed!) for the holidays, finally.

Thankful... for this healthy pregnancy and a passing glucose test! As tired and sick as I've been the majority of these past months, I feel more grateful than ever that I'm carrying our son.

Loving... every chance we get to leave the windows open on a cool day.

Wearing... my favorite maternity skinny jeans and a scarf whenever the weather lets me.

Planning... a Halloween party for L and her friends! I'm thinking classic orange, black & white with a fun eyeball garland and spooky treats.

Please feel free to link up any of your "currently" posts in the comments, xo!



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The story that goes with these goes something like this...

While we were at the pumpkin patch during our surprise visit to North Carolina, my sister was going to take a few family photos of us. Lia was in a very good mood so I tried to snap a few photos of her alone when we were done. And somehow, my nephew started telling her to do silly things and make poses and L just ate it all up and did anything he wanted to keep everyone laughing!

The only things that cooperated with me were the pumpkins. So, most of the photos came out blurry with bad lighting. I edited these to make most of them just okay but I couldn't help posting them! These photos show my girl being who she is at her core. She has the best personality and when she's happy, she's happy!

Also, the story can just go like this... Our girl is a ham.



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She took her pumpkin picking seriously. This wasn't the one that came home with us but it was too adorable not to capture her trying hard to hold this pumpkin!

I'm doing this series - a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014. Follow along, link up & find more from this project here



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This week flew by, surprisingly. And we get to pick our girl up tomorrow! I can't wait to give her the biggest hug!

Along with having some quiet time during the week, my guy ended up not having class all week and had an extra day home from work giving us lots of "us time". I cooked dinner a few times, worked on L's Halloween costume, we caught up on some favorite TV shows and celebrated my passing grade on the glucose test with a dinner out!

I have to say that I've been exhausted, still sick and so achy lately that our week was pretty chill and there was lots of "taking it easy" time while the hubby has been working his magic putting together the crib and painting the room again. There's nothing like painting a room to figure out that it isn't working and you need a new plan!

I'm looking forward to a simple new week and settling back into our usual routine. Also, hello third trimester!

Happy weekending, xo!



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I guess this story really starts last year when this health mess happened. After an ER trip that was followed by a few visits to a pulmonologist and a few prescriptions for inhalers, it all cleared up a month or two later with no real diagnosis or answer except for an asthmatic condition without it being actual asthma.

Fast forward to almost a month ago and the breathing issue started again. Thinking it was a seasonal thing since this is the second September in a row it's happened (and never before this), I tried to take it easy and focus on the important stuff. But one day, it got bad and I really couldn't breathe well so my OB sent me to my pulmonologist for a visit. And again, no real answers but a new prescription for the same steroid inhaler I was given last year.

I've been using it since then but the symptoms aren't really getting better. I have good days where my breathing only affects me when I've done too much or climbed the stairs way too many times that day and then giving myself a break helps a lot. Then I have days where I can do nothing but the bare minimum and walking upstairs once will do me in.

Our little last minute trip this weekend may have been pushing things a bit. While we had THE BEST TIME and it was such a good refresher for our little family to get away from life on a spur, I was already exhausted and I pushed myself on Sunday. I walked everywhere, I stopped to snuggle my nephew and carry him around the festival, I ate nothing healthy and didn't drink nearly enough water and it was just go, go, go.

My breathing wasn't horrible on Sunday until the festival ended and we headed back to my parent's house. I noticed that it was getting bad and resting wasn't helping. At one point, I started getting tingly and I thought I was going to pass out. Anxiety kicked in and I got worried so I headed to the ER. They kept me a few hours taking blood and chest X-Rays. I was given a nebulizer treatment, fluids, electrolytes, a steroid to open my airwaves, potassium to bring up my levels and a rescue inhaler to bring home.

And again, no solid answers or reasonings. My oxygen levels were good, Nicholas has a healthy heartbeat and was kicking away and my bloodwork was ok except for low potassium. The ER doctor said it sounded like asthma and he would treat it that way but being pregnant, there wasn't a lot that could be done. He said I probably also hyperventilated a bit which caused all of the tingling and such.

I am feeling a little better now. I had to use my rescue inhaler the first day I had it a few times along with my regular inhaler. The best way to explain is it that I have to actually make myself breath. It isn't something that I do because as humans we just breath but it's something I have to pay attention too. I have to take it slow and avoid the stairs as much as I can and carry my inhaler around and take as many deep breaths as I can and try my hardest to stay calm in the moments where I feel like I just can't get any good breaths out.

I have a checkup with my OB on Thursday and I'll fill her in and we'll see from there. It's so strange constantly being short of breath and no one having solid answers!



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I think we redeemed ourselves after that failed apple orchard attempt with this one.

My family volunteers to run the Donate Life booth at my hometowns annual Mum Fest. My niece was both an organ recipient and organ donor and we love spreading the message and keeping her memory alive. I haven't been able to attend in a few years and we didn't really have plans to make it this year. We actually had solid plans to paint Nicolas' room and get his furniture put together. And while M spent Saturday morning painting while I supervised from my pile of pillows in the floor and Lia played, we randomly decided to pack a bag and drive the almost six hour drive to surprise my family!

Which turned out to be the best surprise ever! It seems our craziest decisions are usually our best and I'd pay money to see the look on my sisters face when we knocked on the window of the restaurant they were eating in. It was seriously the best. And of course that led to both of my sisters screaming and running out of the restaurant around seven at night. We managed to track them down without them having any idea we would be in town!

And then, we basically had the best weekend. We spent Sunday at the festival hanging out at the booth, walking around, snuggling my newest nephew and eating more cotton candy and funnel cakes than one pregnant girl needs. We got a little taste of how things will look when we're parents of two and we can't wait to have our little guy here with us. Our girl won (all on her own, we were told) a stuffed pig and a real goldfish which she later named Brio. I'm not sure how he survived being carried around by a four year old but I guess he's a true carnival fish? And we picked out our family pumpkin from a fun and slightly creepy pumpkin patch that actually used very old headstones to hold smaller pumpkins and gourds!

Lia even had so much fun that she stayed behind for the rest of the week! And we left the fish too.

M and I drove back home Monday afternoon after I landed myself in the ER (more on that later...). We grabbed dinner from one of our favorite mexican restaurants and spent the rest of the night in bed watching Bill Hader on SNL. Things are good! And here's to getting some rest and a clean house this week.